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Not Your Mama's Business Casual

Not Your Mama's Business Casual

"Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers - whatever works for you, honey." -Iman

Like Beyoncé said, "I had my first heels by the age of 13" (okay they were kitten heels and I was 12 but it counted back then). So it makes sense that I have always loved dressing in business casual. 

I've heard many of my peers complain about business casual but business casual can be super fun and cute!

I truly believe you can be both productive and professional while still remaining stylish. Times have changed and as times change so do fashion trends. Gone are the times where business casual is simply a black skirt and white blouse. Gone are the times where women have to wear skirts to be seen as professional (unless you're like a flight attendant or something like that).

So below I've compiled three of my favorite business casual outfits that I've worn to work this summer along with Sophisticated and Sassy's three Ps of cute but professional business casual. Keep in mind that all these looks can be paired with blazers or cardigans but North Carolina summer said "that's canceled."

1. Pop some color

This summer I've been wearing lots of colored pixie pants or skirts with a neutral blouse or vice versa. If you're nervous about wearing colors outside the business norm, pop some color with your shoes or an accessory like a purse like I did above. I decided to pair a khaki skirt from J. Crew Factory with a white blouse from K&G and orange/dark coral heels I got from Target years ago. In the second picture I stuck with the basic black and white of business and popped some color with a pink Coach purse. 

2. Prints

Prints are always a fun way to dress up an otherwise pretty bland outfit. I paired these printed black pixie pants from Old Navy with a white twisted front button down from New York and Company (by way of a consignment shop) and black pointed flats from Old Navy. The print on these pants makes the normal black and white of business a little more fun and lively.

3. Pants

Like I said before, gone are the days where women have to wear skirts to appear professional. With the nature of my internship I've been wearing a lot of pants and flats because I never know what I could be doing. One day I could be at my desk creating content and the next I could be on a roof taking photos or hauling video equipment across campus. That being said, I love a good pair of pants. I wear tons of pixie pants but this outfit is actually a little different. I paired a white blouse from K&G with these waist tie front pants from Forever 21 (by way of a thrift shop) and brown heels I got a few years ago from Target.

There you have it, the three Ps of business casual. I love dressing in business casual so I'll probably be posting more business casual looks but these are my current summer favorites. What's included in your favorite business casual looks? Any styles or stores you really love? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on any of my social channels! Don't forget to subscribe below and as always...

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