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Engagement Gift Basket Fun!

Engagement Gift Basket Fun!

'Tis the season y'all! No, I'm not talking about Christmas although I've already downloaded Fantasia's new Christmas album and you should too because it's bomb. So, if your Facebook timeline is anything like mine, it seems like everyone is getting engaged or married.

In the spirit of the season I've decided to share a gift basket that I made for one of my best friends to celebrate her engagement. I absolutely love gift baskets for almost any occasion because they're fun to make, a lot of times they're cheaper than buying one big gift, and you can personalize them.

I made this one for really cheap (cuz I'm balling on a budget) and my friend loved it!  I'll list where I found the items and why I chose them. Check it out below:




Gift Basket- I snagged this turquoise storage box at Marshalls for $6.00. Not only was it cute but it was sturdy and it was something I knew my friend would be able to repurpose elsewhere in her house. I'm all about repurposing because like I said I'm balling on a budget!

Filling- The filling is just paper filling I bought at Dollar Tree for $1.72! You can use any filling and I'd suggest getting this from the dollar store since the person will probably trash this later.

The Knot Wedding Magazine (Carolinas Edition)- You can really go with any wedding magazine here. The journalism junkie in me really prefers the editorial content that the Knot provides so I chose this one. I also figured my friend Santina would appreciate the North Carolina based content when searching for vendors. I got this at my local grocery store for $4.00 with a coupon. 

Barefoot Bubbly- You know the saying, "pop the bubbly, she's getting a hubby!" I've always thought that saying was cute so putting this champagne in the gift basket was a no brainer for me.  Now I'm not a champagne connoisseur because I'm a college student/frugalista, so I know this isn't the best champagne in the world but it got the job done and the colors kind of matched the theme of the basket.  Again, I got this at my local grocery store for $9.00 with a coupon. 

Mini bath bombs- I imagine that when I get engaged I'll want to sit in my bath tub with a glass of wine and a wedding magazine. I doubt that's how it will go, but a girl can dream right? That's exactly why I got these mini bath bombs for my friend Santina! I believe this package had six mini bath bombs so she could get more than one bath out of this package. I paid $4.00 for this from Marshalls (in case you haven't noticed, Marshalls is my spot). 

Polaroid Photobook- This cute photobook says "collect moments, not things," which is exactly my prayer for Santina and Phil. While I hope they never lack in what they need, I also hope that during this whole process they are mentally present. When Santina got her Polaroid camera last year, I figured she would want something to store those photos so again, another no brainer. I got this at.... wait for it.... Marshalls for 4.99!

Jewelry Cleaner- According to Mama O (my sweet mama), Connoisseur jewelry will have your jewelry sparkling. I don't clean my jewelry as much as I should so I had to trust her but Santina confirmed this for me so we're all good. I know my girl and I know she'd want to keep her ring shiny, so I made sure to include this. I got this from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $4.99 but I used my 20% off a single item coupon to bring it down.

Ring Dish- This "To Have and to Hold" heart shaped ring dish was super cute and on sale! The dish was on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $10.00. Again I used a 20% off a single item coupon to bring the cost down slightly. (PRO TIP: Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons do not expire so keep those babies!)

Overall, I spent $41.70 after using my coupons butI also had Marshalls' gift card so I saved $14.99 with my gift card. Meaning that after all my discounts and my gift card I spent only $26.71! 

This was a fun little project for me and my friend seemed to love the gesture. I hope you'll find this helpful. Have you made any engagement gift baskets before? How are you getting through engagement/wedding season? What other gift baskets would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

Stay sassy,








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