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Keep Ya Head Up

Archived: June 30, 2016

"I can only show you something special, I can't make you appreciate it." -Rob Hill Sr.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows that recently I have been posting a lot about recognizing your own worth.

Recognizing your worth is a major part of practicing self love. Without recognizing your worth you will almost undoubtedly subject yourself to treatment you do not deserve. You will settle for half-tail relationships instead of receiving the extraordinary love, acceptance and commitment you deserve.

One cannot receive proper love if you do not feel worthy of it.

You see, no matter what you have done in the past you are deserving of love. If you know nothing else, I pray that you understand that. There is no wasted love, because love is infinite in nature and one can always make more.

One of the most heartbreaking things is to realize that while you may recognize your own worth, not everyone else will. This goes for almost anyone or  anything: significant others, friends, potential employers, educators, etc. I know firsthand that sometimes you can pour into someone's life, bend over backwards for them and they still won't understand the value you bring to their life. I'm a big-hearted person and sometimes that sucks because I know that most of the times I will never get the amount of love I give in return, but it's still so worth it to know that I've somehow left an impact. 

So...what do you do when other's can't seem to acknowledge your worth?

1. Understand it's not your fault.

As previously written in my last post: you are light. Never forget that you bring something valuable to the table. Whether that is genuineness, love, laughter, a shoulder to cry on, lips that won't spill secrets, great advice, encouragement or something else know that you bring something of value to anyone who associates themselves with you. It is never your fault that someone decided to overlook your value. Sometimes it may even mean that they recognize what you bring to their life and they do not feel worthy of it themselves.

2. Surround yourself with those that do.

You cannot force others to see your worth, but you can always embrace those that do. For every significant other, friend or opportunity (both educational and employment) that overlooks you, there are at least two others out there that either will or already do acknowledge your talents and your personality. Choose those who are committed to choosing you and be grateful for those who do show up for you. Someone appreciates you as you are and every once in a while they deserve recognition for doing so. Stop harboring on why those who can't see your worth don't and instead acknowledge why those who do see your worth feel you are worth loving and cherishing.

3. Know that better is coming.

Anyone who chooses not to acknowledge your worth, value or talents is missing out on YOU not the other way around (even if it feels that way). One day, they will realize and if they don't: life goes on. The crazy thing about God is that if no one else sees your worth, He does. You see God will continue to bless you even when other's don't see you as a blessing. So keep your head up and know that for every opportunity missed there's a million more waiting and yes, contrary to popular belief, there are other fish in the sea. So be on the lookout because your blessing is coming.

Know that you are valuable and loved regardless of whether or not others acknowledge that. Keep your chin up or the crown falls. 

Stay sassy,


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